About me

I was born in 1988 and I was raised in Reichenbach/Vogtland (Saxony/Germany). My parents took me on their journeys for several times. We used to have family gatherings afterwards and I loved telling the stories we experienced with photos and slides. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and impressions from countries, my grandmother never have seen. I still have those images in my head when I think back to those travels.

In 2013, I did my first travel on my own and it lead me back to Norway. We were there when I was 5 and 7 years of age and I still remember the midnight sun and furious landscapes. Now I wanted to see the aurora lights and so I went there in wintertime. I just got an old analog camera from my father and as it turned out, taking pictures was not as easy as it seemed to be. In fact, I came back without any pictures of the aurora lights, although we had the opportunity to see it once. From then on I got attached to photography just because I never wanted to miss taking a picture from a spectacular scenery.

At the same time friends of mine started to play with fire and juggle everything they got in their hands. So I found excellent practicing subjects to take photos of. And again, it turned out that capturing fire in motion decently is its own science. So I ended up being at several fire conventions to gather experience in taking photos of all kinds of fire artistry.

In 2016, the idea of working as a professional photographer began to manifest itself. I started to publish my images under the synonym of „ThirdEyeGeneration“. Now, being specialized in fire photography, I’m able to set almost everything in relation to fire. It doesn’t matter if it’s an object or human being.  We found multiple ways to set things on fire and it opened an entire new world of options to take pictures for different occasions.


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